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Twitter and TikTok: What your B2B brand needs to consider in 2023

Reporting live from our Littlefield Agency HQ in Tulsa, OK—Roop & Sam are back at it! Happy New Year and welcome to SEASON TWO of Little Talks with Littlefield Agency. We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break and we’re excited to hit the ground running here in 2023. We’d like to wish a very happy birthday to Brock Campbell and happy work anniversaries to Brock (5 years) and Reynolds Wallis (11 years)!

If this is your first time experiencing our podcast, welcome. Steve Roop & Sam Littlefield are your hosts and this is where you get your weekly dose of the latest and greatest B2B digital marketing trends. A lot has happened over the last 2 weeks in the world of Twitter and TikTok since we last recorded so we kickoff the new year with those two platforms.

Elon Musk Says ‘Ad Free’ Version Of Twitter Blue Is Coming

Oh, Elon. While Twitter is pitching potential ad-reduced and ad-free models for Twitter Blue in the future, we wouldn’t hold my breath, as those options will be dependent on large-scale take-up of the initial $8 checkmark offering. Which will end up getting a few million sign-ups, maybe. But it won’t reach the levels required to make it a viable revenue alternative for the app.

Our Take: If Twitter wants to make money (and it desperately needs to right now), it needs to serve ads, or it needs a lot of people to sign up to its new paid programs. Thus far, the paid programs are a bust. You do the math.

Twitter Implements New Rules Banning Links To Other Social Platforms

Time to review your Twitter bio, because Elon and Co. have got some new rules about what you can link out to – and if you don’t get in line, you’ll find yourself suspended real quick. Specifically, Elon and his Twitter 2.0 team have decided that linking out to any competing social platform, in any way, is now against the rules. Because of, um, free promotion?

Our Take: Twitter is a mess since The Musk took over. Nothing makes sense, nothing is consistent, and revenue is plummeting. To quote the article “Not sure that’s going to provide the competitive edge that Twitter hopes, but here we are.” With that being said, tune in to see what Roop & Sam predict with a possible stabilization in the months to come. Surely, right?

TikTok Banned on College Campuses & Government Devices

TikTok has made major headlines the last few weeks with college campuses and government entities banning the platform given potential security breaches. With over one billion monthly daily active users, do the masses continue using this platform?

Our Take: Yes. It’s not only TikTok you should be worried about given data and privacy concerns with FAANG over the last few years. What we want you to consider is how your B2B brand continues creating compelling, native content for those that still interact with the app daily.

It’s good to be back! We will catch you next week.


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