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What You Need To Know In Google’s Cookieless World

Welcome back to another episode of Little Talks with Littlefield Agency where we discuss all things digital marketing and how your B2B brand needs to adapt accordingly. Roop & Sam focus on a very timely and important topic as we are beginning to live in a world without cookies (online at least, your favorite baked goods are safe for now).

One percent of Google Chrome users are officially cookieless as of last week. What does this mean for your B2B brand? By July 2024, that 1% goes to 100%.

This is one of the most critical topics of 2024. Google Chrome plans to rewrite digital advertising and marketers are going to have to adapt. On this week’s podcast we jump into what’s ahead and what to expect as the digital marketing world goes through a seismic shift.

Listen to Sam & Roop’s take on what you need to be doing in the world of B2B marketing to ensure you can still target and convert your prospective and current customers. 

Should you have any questions or would like to chat further, you know where to find us!

– Brenda, Brandon, Roop & Sam

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