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Word games, Facebook AI, Gen Z, and football playoffs

Sam finally got some sleep (not on an UGG pillow) and Roop has to calm him down so his energy doesn’t rupture through the mic! We kick off this week’s Little Talks with a Littlefield Agency staple: The New York Times Spelling Bee—one of our favorite daily agency activities to take a brain break from the ins and outs of all things digital marketing. Roop and Sam also announce that there will be an update to next week’s digital trends that are sent out to all of our clients on February 1. Not only will we be hitting on digital trends, but Courtney Roberts will bring a design trend element starting next week. Who doesn’t love great design?!

We dive into a few trends this week:

Facebook parent Meta uses AI to tackle new types of harmful content

Roop spearheads this conversation. What does this mean for brands going forward as Facebook focuses on building the meta verse and content moderation becomes more complex?

The phrase “How To” is as important as ever and great for all things SEO

Sam attended a webinar yesterday, and while this is no surprise, 76% of users are typing in “How to” into YouTube and Google. How does your brand serve up educational and purposeful content on social feeds and website that users can easily digest?

Social platforms are as important as your website

Well duh, but a new study has found that millennials and Gen Z check out your social channels first before making their way to your website. While both are very important, how is your brand using social media for educational and ease of information purposes while converting your customers there or on your website?

Next week and the week after get ready for all things Super Bowl. How are brands mixing things up compared to previous years and who do Sam & Roop think will win the whole enchilada? See you then!

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