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Workplace game changer: The Enneagram

Did you guys miss us last week? We sure did! This week, Roop is back in the studio after living it up in Vegas. He and Sam chat about something close to our hearts here at Littlefield: the Enneagram. It’s all about making sense of those quirky traits we all have, and improving your relationships with your coworkers.

For those of you wondering what the Enneagram even is, don’t stress. You’re in good company because Sam and Roop break it down to explain why it’s a game changer in every work environment. It’s pretty simple but super insightful—the nine personality types can help you understand yourself AND others better.

Are you curious where you fall in the 9 personality traits? Why not find your type before you jump into this episode?

Whether you’re the life-of-the-party Type 7 or the take-charge Type 8, this episode is made with lots of love (and a few laughs) just for you. So come on in, explore the Enneagram with us, and let’s have a good time!

– Brenda, Brandon, Claudia, Roop & Sam

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