How We United 100+ Dealer Franchises Under One Message...Worldwide.

Ditch Witch has over 50 independent dealers throughout the world who sell their equipment. The challenge has always been that the dealers—not Ditch Witch corporate—control the relationship with the customers and, all too often, the messaging from Ditch Witch. So how could Ditch Witch tell a cohesive story throughout the distribution channel?

We're In This Together.

Our goal was to continue a strong push strategy through the Ditch Witch dealerships and promote the strong relationships the dealers have with their customers using the “We’re in this together” messaging—a huge benefit versus the competition. But, on top of that, use available digital and social channels to go directly to the end-user with strong, consistent messaging to build deeper, more long-lasting relationships with our customers. This would allow us to tell our story the way we wanted it told and to cement our singular, consistent message into the minds of potential customers throughout the industry.

Unique Web Visits
12 straight months with year-over-year increase
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Engaged Facebook Fans
Customer Reach Via Social Media past 12 months
10 to 1
vs. Main Competitor
SK752 Product Brochure
Certified Training Program
Digital Display
Digital Display
JT25 Product Brochure
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Video Played Per Day
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Ditch Witch has been with Littlefield the past 16 years. We consider them a partner in our brand and a major contributor to the growth of our business.

Shan Kirtley, Ditch Witch Vice President of Sales and Marketing