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Meta and YouTube (and KIPP!) making moves

Last week was one of the best of this year. So amazing having Trent Guyer from Grasshopper Mowers here in Tulsa. We rounded out the week with a great Ditch Witch visit and the inaugural KIPP Tulsa pitch competition where Littlefield Agency awarded a $5,000 scholarship to the winning pitch team. It was AWESOME!

We can’t believe how close Christmas is—our last podcast of the year is next week! WHAT? We will keep it brief, and Chelsea is already indicating she’s not showing up. We beg to differ. You better believe we will be sharing all the holiday party stories given that is this Friday!

Alright, let’s dive in.

Meta Launches New Sports Experience In VR Which Could Help To Spark Interest In The Metaverse

This push could be a great way to spark more interest in Meta’s VR offerings – which, after months of criticism and bashing, are in need of a PR boost right now. And while sports experiences have been available in VR for years, this new activation could help to push things forward, and offer a whole new way for sports fans to engage with events.

Our Take: It’s been a slow rollout, but the Metaverse is coming into better focus with announcements like this. If they can figure out a more streamlined hardware (glasses instead of goggles) we think users will really pivot in this meta environment that has been talked about for years.

YouTube Shorts Is Coming To A TV Screen Near You

YouTube is bringing its library of vertical videos to wide screens. The video platform has announced that YouTube Shorts will now be available on smart TVs via a shelf on the YouTube app. When YouTube introduced this new format, they optimized the experience for the mobile creator and viewer. Now YouTube is expanding viewing access to Shorts to their fastest growing surface: the TV screen. YouTube is planning to begin running ads on its micro-videos in 2023.

Our Take: Now that the platform’s new viewing experience is in place, we can expect to see a lot of those ad dollars to flow through the TV version of the YouTube app.

Last episode of 2022 next week. 15 minutes or less, you won’t want to miss it!

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