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The Flywheel: Attract, engage and delight your B2B customers

The latest evolution of the traditional sales funnel is the Flywheel. And while the sales funnel has been a foundation of marketing since day one, everything changes. These days, when it comes to content marketing, sometimes your customer’s journey is no longer linear– it’s more like a revolving door.

HubSpot Flywheel

The Flywheel is broken down into three circular phases: Attract, Engage, and Delight, and that’s what makes this model a game-changer for keeping your marketing fresh and interactive. It’s all about making sure your B2B customers stick around and bring their friends too—or what we like to call “evangelists.”

So, if you need a little shake-up of your content marketing strategies, or just great advice on how to connect better with your audience, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to up their game.

Next week: Little Talks hosts Jeff Martin from the Philbrook Museum of Art!

– Brenda, Brandon, Claudia, Roop & Sam

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