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Unlocking the potential of ChatGPT 4o for your B2B brand

Sam’s back for an exciting, jam-packed week at LA to welcome our three awesome LITerns—Lauren, Tatum, and Careena —who are already bringing fresh energy to our team. We also celebrated 44 years of Littlefield Agency and welcomed our newest member to the team, Kendall Keylor!

On this week’s episode, Roop and Sam talk about the new features of ChatGPT 4o. The latest updates are a game-changer (and are also free for everyone), offering multimodal capabilities that allow the AI to process text, images, and even voice inputs. You can now use your camera to show ChatGPT your surroundings and get real-time descriptions or have it generate detailed charts from raw data.

At Littlefield, we are always trying to reimagine how we use new technology to be more efficient, without replacing the human touch that is so important in marketing. So check out this week’s episode to see how you can use AI as a tool for your B2B brand and we’ll catch you next week!

– Sam, Roop, Brenda, Claudia, and Brandon

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